New product announcements:   12/31/2008
Concrete Pouring: Truck-Mounted Boom Pump Concrete Pouring: Truck-Mounted Boom Pump The S 32 X Truck-mounted Boom Pump now features a redesigned frame with a slewing gear-bearing turntable. The pump is able to supply 178 cu yd per hour of concrete, and 1,233 psi at 23 strokes per minute. It comes standard with a twin-wall Super 3000 pipeline, carbide wear parts and a night light kit. Optional equipment includes an auto-greasing system, high-pressure washer with wand and a water-tank heater. Schwing; 888-724-9464;
Foundation Drill Rig: Articulated Foundation Drill Rig: Articulated The DeltaBase 95 Drill Rig is intended for foundation drilling, specifically tieback and soil nail drilling applications. Its articulated mast allows for easy adjustments in height while locking in the drill’s set inclination. The hydraulically driven drill has a maximum torque rating of 15,000 Newton-meters and is mounted on a pendulum crawler that can handle rough terrain without the need for stabilizing jacks. Boart Longyear; 801-972-6430;
Elastic Blast-Protection System: Easy To Install Elastic Blast-Protection System: Easy To Install X-Flex is a peel-and-stick blast-protection system designed to absorb energy and mitigate debris from a major blast event. The system is made of a fiber-reinforced polymer composite that is engineered to adhere to concrete, brick and other surfaces in both new construction and retrofit projects. It is moisture, mold and fungus resistant, contains no VOCs and is easy to transport. Installation consists of removing the film liner on the preapplied adhesive side and affixing it to a surface by hand. Berry Plastics; 800-343-7875;
Pipe Freezer: Requires No Gases Pipe Freezer: Requires No Gases The SF-2500 SuperFreeze pipe freezing unit allows for the isolation of sections of copper or steel pipes with ice plugs, eliminating the need for complete system shut-downs and draining. The SF-2500 forms ice plugs in as little as five minutes in steel pipes up to 2 in. and copper pipes up to 21⁄2 in. The unit employs a specially designed compressor and does not use any hazardous refrigerants, carbon dioxide or nitrogen and requires no bottles or accessories. The freezing process begins immediately when the freeze heads are attached, and they remain attached for the duration of the repairs to prevent melting. Flexible rubber hoses connect the freeze heads to the unit for easy handling and quick coiling. RIDGID; 800-769-7743;
Compact Utility Loader: Versatile Compact Utility Loader: Versatile The gas-powered Dingo TX 427 Compact Utility Loader is designed for specialized lifting applications, with a rated operating capacity of 537 lb and an overall length of only 7 ft, 8 in. It is powered by a 27-hp Kohler engine with a 2-stage air filter, and features four independent hydraulic pumps. The TX 427 weighs only 2,006 lb, and is available in both narrow and wide-track models. The Toro Company; 800-344-8676;