New product announcements:   12/17/2008
Quieter Generator: Designed To Prevent Leakage Quieter Generator: Designed To Prevent Leakage The T120 Super Quiet Generator features a Tier 3 diesel engine and an overlapping sheet-metal cabinet that reduces noise levels. It has standard 110% spill containment of all on-board fluids, which the manufacturer claims significantly reduces environmental contamination from spilled fuel, coolant and oil. The T120 generator is capable of 24 hours of continuous use on one tank of fuel, and power can be supplied simultaneously from its three-phase and single-phase voltage receptacles.
Terex; 203-222-7170;
Demolition Hammer: Constant Rate, Lower Vibration Demolition Hammer: Constant Rate, Lower Vibration The MHE 96 SDS-Max Demolition Hammer is for demolition of concrete, stone and brick, such as sizing concrete openings for windows and doors, chasing cracks on floor repairs, wall chasing or embedding pipe and conduit into concrete or brick walls. Its 15-amp motor is capable of 0-1,950 bpm with an electronic speed control to maintain a virtually constant number of blows per minute between load and non-load. An integrated damping system reduces vibration. Metabo; 800-638-2264;
UnderFloor Air Duct: Lightweight UnderFloor Air Duct: Lightweight UnderFloorSox is an air-dispersion system designed to better regulate temperature in underfloor ventilation systems. The system consists of 12-in. to 18-in. round fabric air ducts routed through an underfloor system to distribute air evenly and maintain a constant temperature. The system comes in modular lightweight sections that can be easily zippered together during installation. Units are attached to the floor section above, simplifying and speeding up installation. DuctSox; 866-382-8769;
High-Capacity Lift: One-Ton Capacity For Multiple Uses High-Capacity Lift: One-Ton Capacity For Multiple Uses The T60MH-200 High Capacity Lift has a 60-ft maximum platform height and 34-ft platform reach, with a 2,000-lb capacity. The hydraulically driven lift can quickly elevate a worker as well as materials on its 6-ft by 10-ft platform, and it can be easily converted without the need for tools for use as a fork lift, material lift or winch lift with optional equipment. Other optional gear includes dual 500-lb winches, oxyacetylene or 1⁄2-in. air line supplied to the platform, and a generator/welder package. A fall-arrest package is included as standard. Man & Material Lift Engineering; 414-486-1760;
Fire Detection: Adaptive System Fire Detection: Adaptive System The Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire Detector uses four separate detection methods to monitor for fires. It combines a carbon-monoxide sensor, an infrared sensor, a photoelectric smoke sensor and a thermal sensor. When one sensor is tripped, the system checks for other signs before going into alarm. It has an internal algorithm that adjusts the sensors to a site’s environmental conditions, setting thresholds and response rates for greater accuracy. System Sensor; 800-736-7672;