The Stimulus Bill, Sector by Sector  01/21/2009

Construction-related spending in House Democrats' stimulus proposal, released Jan.15, could approach $160 billion. But a precise figure is hard to determine because some of the accounts that would receive funding under the plan can go for other types of capital spending besides infrastructure or buildings.

A look at the House Appropriations Committee's explanatory report on the bill shows substantial funding for a wide range of construction programs across many federal departments and agencies. Stimulus aid for buildings is especially widespread among agencies.

TRANSPORTATION [$43.75 billion]
  • DOT Federal-aid highways, $30 billion

  • DOT Airport improvement grants, $3 billion

  • DOT Passenger rail, $1.1 billion, including $800 million for Amtrak capital spending, $300 million for state grants for intercity rail capital improvements

  • DOT Transit capital assistance, $6 billion to buy buses, railcars; make facility improvements

  • DOT Transit fixed-guideway infrastructure, $2 billion (includes modernizing, terminals, stations, structures, substations, etc., plus rolling stock

  • DOT Transit capital investment grants, $1 billion, for light rail, heavy rail, commuter rail, HOV projects.

  • U.S. Forest Service capital improvement, maintenance (roads, bridges, trails) $650 million

DEFENSE/VETERANS [$11.45 billion]
  • Facilities improvements $4.5 billion (including $1.8 billion for energy-efficiency upgrades, $455 million for medical facilities, $154 million for barracks, $2.1 billion for facilities "sustainment" projects)

  • DOD-wide, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, $3.75 billion

  • Troop housing and child care centers, $1.55 billion, including: Army, $920 million; Navy and Marine Corps, $350 million; Air Force, $280 million

  • Reserves and National Guard, $400 million

  • Base Realignment and Closure, environmental cleanup $300 million

  • VA Medical facilities, maintenance projects, $950 million

Photo: J. Peabody
HOUSING/HUD [$13.29 billion]
  • Public housing capital fund, repair and construction of public housing units, $5 billion

  • Elderly, disabled, Section 8 housing, energy retrofits, $2.5 billion

  • Native American housing block grants, repairs, rehabilitation, $500 million

  • Community Development Block Grants, for housing, services, infrastructure, $1 billion

  • Neighborhood stabilization fund (purchase, rehabilitate vacant housing), $4.19 billion

  • Lead-based paint hazards, remediation, rehabilitation, $100 million

SCHOOLS [$20.1 billion]
  • School modernization, renovation, repair, $20 billion, includes $14 billion for K-12 schools, $6 billion for higher education

  • "Impact Aid" school construction (includes schools on federal land), $100 million

ENERGY [$36 billion]
  • Grid Investment $11.0 billion, including $4.5 billion for Smart Grid investment program; $3.25 billion for Western Area Power Administration; $3.25 billion for Bonneville Power Administration

  • Renewable energy and Transmission loan guarantees $8 billion

  • Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy grants and loans $8.4 billion

  • Home weatherization assistance $6.2 billion

  • Carbon capture and sequestration demonstration projects $2.4 billion

OTHER BUILDINGS [$12.853 billion]
  • GSA: federal buildings, $7.7 billion, including $6 billion for energy conservation, energy efficiency upgrades, $1 billion for border stations

  • Fish and Wildlife Service, maintenance and construction, $300 million

  • National Park Service infrastructure maintenance $1.7 billion

  • National Mall (Wash, DC) revitalization (including Jefferson Memorial repairs) $200 million

  • U.S. Geological Survey, facilities and equipment repair, restoration $200 million

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs, infrastructure (schools, dams, roads, detention and law enforcement facilities) $500 million

  • Indian Health Service, facilities $550 million

  • Smithsonian Institution, facilities maintenance $150 million

  • Homeland Security: Border patrol facilities, maintenance and repairs, modernization $150 million

  • Agriculture Dept. facilities $253 million

  • Agriculture Dept. Rural facilities $200 million (loans)

  • Commerce Dept. aid for research science buildings $300 mill

  • NASA facilities, hurricane damage repairs $50 mill

  • National Science Foundation facilities repair grants (to academic institutions) $200 million

  • NSF major research facilities and equipment $400 million

Photo: Neil Brake
  • Community health centers, new or expanded sites $500 million

  • Community Health Centers modernization $1 billion

  • Public Health Service HQ building replacement, $88 million

  • Centers for Disease Control modernization $462 million

  • National Institutes of Health, university research facilities renovation, construction, $1.5 billion

  • NIH campus modernization, $500 million

WATER AND ENVIRONMENT [$17.124 billion]
  • EPA Superfund $800 million

  • EPA Leaking underground storage tank cleanup, enforcement $200 million

  • EPA Clean Water SRF $6 billion

  • EPA Drinking Water SRF $2 billion

  • EPA Brownfields assessments, cleanup $100 million

  • Corps of Engineers (civil works) $4.5 billion (includes $2 billion for construction, $2.25 billion for operation and maintenance).

  • Bureau of Reclamation drinking water projects $500 million

  • International Boundary and Water Commission (U.S.-Mexico), water projects $224 million

  • Agriculture Dept, rural water and waste disposal (grants and loans ) $1.5 billion

  • Agriculture Dept., watershed rehab,/flood prevention $400 million

  • NOAA habitat restoration, $400 million

  • DOE defense environmental management (accelerate nuclear waste cleanup) $500 million

OTHER [$575 million]
  • Bureau of Land Management, infrastructure maintenance (roads, trails, buildings, bridges, habitat, hazardous-fuels reduction), $325 million

  • Commerce Dept., Economic Development Administration, public works aid, $250 million