Ever Expanding

In early February, roughly three dozen Balfour Beatty employees were using iPads among nearly 150 throughout the entire project.

Just like a craft worker with a set of tools, employees keep their iPads close at all times to manage the routine job details and the surprises. "It's funny to see the man-bags that some of our guys have for their iPads," Pistor says. "It's like a toolbox for managers."

While office workers can keep their iPads in standard folio cases, devices that go out in the field must be in a protective Otterbox case. "I've seen a broken case, but we've yet to break an iPad," he says.

Even though there's no need for that original set of design development drawings, Pistor says he'll keep it around as a reminder of how far things have come in such a short time.

"I look at those rolls of drawings and realize that, for what we spent on them, we could have more than paid for the iPads we're using today," he says.