Tilden-Coil is now using Scenario for clash detection and coordination on a multipurpose room project for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Baumann says. "We get new coordination models from all our subcontractors, look at the clashes of their desired installs and then assign responsibilities of who's to move or adjust so that there are no clashes through the software," Baumann says. Baumann says Scenario links directly into Navisworks, Tilden-Coil's clash-detection tool, but whereas in the past tracking who was assigned responsibility for any changes was a manual process, now "with Scenario [we can] assign groups of clashes to a ticket. Those tickets show up for that subcontractor in Scenario, and they have a to-do list."

The system decreases the likelihood of clash assignments being missed, forgotten or overlooked, Baumann says, because the assigned tickets remain outstanding until the clashes are resolved in the model. Only then does Tilden-Coil allow the subcontractors to produce their shop drawings and fabricate elements. Baumann describes Scenario as "a very promising tool," but adds a caveat

To take full advantage of the system, "any subcontractor working on the BIM coordination process needs to have access to the [Scenario] software and database," he says. "Say we had 10 subcontractors on each project, minimum, because we change so much, we'd probably have to own that license to manage and control that." Baumann says Tilden-Coil is looking into the cost of maintaining enough licenses to run its BIM coordination processes and analyzing the return on investment. But, he says, "I feel there's a high chance we'll be using [Scenario] to coordinate any of our projects that have BIM models as part of the process in the future." Asked what the "next big thing" will be for Scenario, Hilario says KHS&S is developing mobile applications.

"People in the field need smaller aspects of applications, lightweight, to be used to get the data they need without using massive amounts of software," he says, adding, "The big push this year is mobile devices and computing." Holleran adds that KHS&S demonstrated Scenario at McGraw-Hill Construction's FutureTech conference in San Francisco in December and will appear at three of the Associated General Contractors' BIM Forums this year.