The setting also aims to encourage new methods and ideas to better deliver the end product. For example, the team is currently experimenting with a new way of tracking production that builds upon concepts such as location-based planning—in which a multidisciplined team of trades moves through the building as a single unit. But instead of tracking worker productivity, the new system would track building production by the entire multicompany team.

"I don't want to wait until 50% through the scope to see that we have a problem," Christian says. "I want to know immediately so we can correct it."

HerreroBOLDT project executive David Thomack says the result is "a well orchestrated site—people are flowing around the project very well, we are progressing ahead of schedule and it's a very safe project.

"All that is as a result of this particular owner," he adds. "Having an owner that is an active participant in the things that we do every day is a great thing."

Sutter is also putting the finishing touches on its $750-million medical center expansion in Sacramento, which is "one of the most complex projects anyone should take on," Mitsch says.

Construction includes the 10-story Anderson Lucchetti Women's and Children's Center and a full renovation of the five-story Sutter General Hospital—all while patient care and operations continue. Work at the campus wraps up this summer.

Once the two CMPC campuses are completed in 2019, the owner will ramp down to smaller projects. "We are definitely going to continue our ILPD journey, and we are going to apply it to our next phase of projects, which we are anticipating will be largely ambulatory care facilities," Mitsch says.