ENR’s Regional Editions have launched our annual Top Specialty Contractors survey, which can be found here. Like ENR's other two Regional surveys, for Top Design Firms and Top Contractors, Top Specialty Contractors is actually conducted via 11 region-specific surveys that collectively produce 11 different regional rankings. The first of these rankings will publish beginning in September. But don’t hesitate—the Top Specialty Contractors survey’s deadline is June 30.

Since these are regionally focused rankings—based on the total regional revenues of participating firms—we encourage specialty contracting firms to submit surveys for every region where they are active. Firms will also be ranked by state revenues and various specialty work categories.

Also, the Regional Top Specialty Contractors surveys will ask firms if they would like to be considered as a candidate for the Regional Specialty Contractor of the Year. If your firm has positive news to share about the company’s achievements during the past year, this is your opportunity to tell us about it.

Again, we encourage you to start completing this year’s survey at your first convenience. ENR’s Regional editors are looking forward to seeing the results!