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V-6 is not a dirty word anymore. That's the story of this year's Work Truck Shootout, meticulously moderated by our friends at and USA Today. You might recall we took a close look at this summer's Heavy-Duty Shootout, performed by many of the same team members.

This time, the automotive editors set aside their egos to ride in lowly trucks equipped with crank windows and vinyl floor mats. You know, the kind of truck a contractor calls home.

And who is the winner? With an all-new V-6 that cranks out V-8 power, it is no surprise to us that Ford's new F-150 took the top prize. It's now clear that Chevy and Ram need to step up their V-6 work trucks.

Now, don't let the final results sway you just yet. If you are in the market for a new work truck, check out the reviewstests and full results. Each pickup has its own merits.

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