The amount of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act highway dollars under contract continues on an upward path, according to the latest monthly report on the stimulus law from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The committee's  overall update, released June 30, covers highways, airports, Clean Water state revolving funds and other core public-works programs under the panel's jurisdiction. It shows that in many categories, there is relatively little ARRA money that isn't under contract.

For highways, states had signed contracts as of May 31 for 11,402 projects worth a total of $23.6 billion, or 89% of all ARRA formula funds available for that category. 

That compares with 10,784 projects under contract, totaling $22.9 billion, as of the end of April.

Of the ARRA road and bridge projects under contract as of May 31, work was under way on 10,318.

According to the committee' updated state-by-state ranking of ARRA highway spending, 25 states and the District of Columbia had at least 95% of their ARRA formula highway dollars under contract, as of May 31. The national average is 89.3% under contract.

Leading the way are five states with all their stimulus highway dollars under contract:

New Hampshire   100%
Maine                   100
Pennsylvania        100
Vermont                100
Wyoming              100

The bottom five states are :

Delaware             53.8%
Virginia                64.4
California             74.8
Ohio                    75.7
Arizona                76.0

It's worth noting that the bottom-five could be changing--Delaware had 96.7% of its highway dollars out for bid and Virginia had 100% of its funding out for bid.