Manchester, N.H., U.S.A.27 August 2012Newforma, a software company providing project information management (PIM) solutions to transform building and infrastructure project delivery, today announced the launch of Newforma® Project Cloud for project hosting and web-based construction management. Newforma Project Cloud extends the Newforma PIM solution to include hosting of project information on a cloud server, and to include web-based collaboration and contract administration.
Newforma Project Cloud integrates information from the design team, construction contractors and owner. Workflows related to document approval, PDF markup, RFIs and submittals are automated to minimize redundancy, manual processing and file duplication. Users benefit from greater transparency and accountability in the course of more efficient and effective construction management.
Newforma Project Cloud incorporates the AEC-Sync technology acquired from Attolist, as previously announced. The acquisition was facilitated in part by the Ascentage Group.
In addition to serving existing AEC-Sync customers, Newforma will evolve Newforma Project Cloud by (1) developing expanded functionality, (2) integrating web-based construction management with its enterprise products (Newforma® Design Suite, Newforma® Construction Suite, and Newforma® Owner Suite), and (3) providing Newforma® Cloud Sync to facilitate information sharing and common workflows between enterprise users and hosted projects.
Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell said, “Newforma Project Cloud expands Newforma’s PIM solution to host projects in the cloud. It is fully operational and proven on hundreds of projects, with 20,000 users. Newforma Project Cloud is being added to our product family in response to the changing requirements of our customers to manage both on-premise and hosted projects. Unlike our existing enterprise products, which have been designed to manage all projects on company domain servers, Newforma Project Cloud allows us to also host and manage individual projects on a multi-tenant cloud server. Whether for the enterprise or the project, our products are sold via a subscription license. Newforma Cloud Sync integration with our enterprise solution will tie cloud-hosted project information to the firm’s internal workflows, ensuring a seamless user experience and to deliver high levels of productivity for existing Newforma customers.”

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