Here's the latest news from the U.S. Green Building Council:

The LEED 2012 third public comment period will be open from March 1-20. The third draft of the green-building rating system is focused on providing a "simple-to-use, technically advanced and more robust system," says the USGBC. Once the comment period process concludes, LEED 2012 will be balloted—in June—and launch in November.
Along with the updated draft, resources will be posted including technical refinements, scorecards and responses to comments from the previous public comment period. Members of the public can comment on any substantive changes made since the second public comment period, which ran from last Aug. 1 through Sept. 14.

March 1 is an eligibility deadline to bring membership to "good-standing" status to vote in LEED 2012 ballot, per USGBC Membership Policies and Procedures. April 2-May 1 is the LEED 2012 ballot opt-in period. June 1-30 is the LEED 2012 ballot voting period. To vote in the LEED 2012 ballot, you must opt in to the "consensus body." The consensus body opt-in period begins April 2 and is open to employees of USGBC national member organizations in good standing. This consensus body ensures participation from the full diversity of LEED users and that it is a balanced representation of USGBC membership. To be eligible to join the consensus body and vote in the LEED 2012 ballot your membership must be in good standing by March 1, and be maintained throughout the balloting period.

The USGBC also invites interested parties to check out the's LEED 2012 public comment discussion forum at Participation is free. Many of the proposed LEED 2012 credits are available for immediate testing in the pilot credit library.