We were going to tell you about this new 150-foot-tall boom lift next week.

Instead, we’re showing it to you today because our friends at Rental Equipment Register broke JLG’s Jan. 10 media embargo. The aerial-device manufacturer unveiled this and other new models to the press during a tour of its Orville, Ohio, plant last fall.

This impressive 150-footer is the tallest self-propelled boom lift on the market that doesn’t require a slew of special transport permits, says McConnellsburg, Pa.-based JLG. It just needs an overweight permit.

The only other comparable machine of this size, an ancient model called the HAX (also made by JLG), requires at least two more permits before you can haul it down the road.

The older model costs well over $500,000, but JLG says the newer, streamlined lift will cost somewhere in the $400,000 range (you can still get the HAX if you really, really want it that bad). We provide more details about this new, tall lift and other related equipment in our latest video.

When you need to reach areas that are very high up, this machine is for you. But as we note in the video JLG does not include a load sensor in the platform. Though this is required in Europe, JLG says it is not including one on the U.S.-spec model.

“We haven’t done it here yet because it’s one more thing in terms of service, electronics and what has to be maintained,” said Jeff Ford, senior marketing manager.

A load sensor basically takes into account how much mass is in the bucket and locks out the machine’s load chart accordingly to avoid a tipover. In Europe, this little piece of technology is the law. In the U.S., operators are told to toggle between having 500 or 1,000 pounds in the bucket using a two-way switch. When the boom lift is operating in 1,000-pound mode, it theoretically will restrict the working range by 25%.

In Europe, this happens automatically, without operator input. When you are working this high up, we’d rather see manufacturers leave little to chance and operator error.

Aside from that gripe, the new Ultra Boom is one of the nifty new machines you see this year at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG megashow held March 22-26 in Las Vegas. Watch this space for more previews on what’s to come at CONEXPO.

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