It will be interesting to see how the Missouri Dept of Transportation's Safe and Sound bridge program progresses. Its creator, Pete Rahn, resigned earlier this year and is joining HNTB Corp.

The program aims to repair or replace 802 bridges across the state by 2013. Of these, 554 bridges are packaged in a design-build contract awarded to KTU Constructors.

Rahn was recognized by ENR for his leadership at the New Mexico Dept. of Transportation, where he utilized innovative financing methods, built performance guarantees into projects, and pushed a corridor-wide approach long before the idea became fashionable. So popular was he for streamlining a public agency that when he left, so did many colleagues.


However, sources tell me (and I'll find out more when I get an interview with Rahn) that at MoDOT, he built up a team of leaders who will continue to move the bridge program forward.  They still apparently are sad to see him go.

Another DOT leader and ENR newsmaker, Philip Shucet, stepped down from his post in Virginia in 2005.

Shucet surmised that he would not return to the transportation world as a professional for some time to come. But the transportation world returned to him. He's now head of  Hampton Roads Transit and has already shown the same penchant for  streamlining, efficiency and transparency that he did at VDOT.

The transportation world needs more leaders like these.