The June 18 issue of ENR MidAtlantic will publish its annual rankings of Top Design Firms. 

The rankings will include consultants, architects, engineers and other design professionals doing business in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Rankings are based on total regional revenues of design services of participating firms. Design firms will also be ranked by state revenues and various design specialties and disciplines, as applicable. 

Please note that the ENR Top 400 Contractors and Top 500 Design Firms national lists each have a separate survey. For these national surveys, please contact Gary Tulacz at

The new deadline for the ENR MidAtlantic survey is May 3 but please let me know if you need extra time and I can give you until May 24 to submit your survey. To submit a survey click here. To submit a survey to other ENR regions click here.

For more information about the ENR MidAtlantic Top Design Firm survey contact Justin Rice at

ENR MidAtlantic is also accepting submissions for its annual Best Projects competition. For more information on how to submit a project click here.