Dennis Hogan
Expertise in dams and hydropower that spans the globe

35, Senior Project Engineer
Black & Veatch


Regarded within Black & Veatch as one of its experts in dams and hydropower, Hogan has worked on more than 45 dams worldwide. He was part of a team responsible for evaluating existing infrastructure and flow information for more than 25 small and medium run-of-the-river dams with hydropower plants throughout China. Hogan is now focused on sustainable power and water supplies, aiming to maximize the use of existing infrastructure. This includes retrofits of existing dams to incorporate hydropower, providing a sustainable power supply for nearby communities as well as raising dam levels to increase water supply. A 2000 graduate of the University of Maryland with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, his experience includes planning and overseeing field investigations, instrumentation installation as well as assigning and interpreting laboratory testing.



Alexander Holbrook
Rising star earned his stripes early in electrical engineering

30, Electrical Engineer
M.C. Dean
Sterling, Va.


Holbrook first made his mark at M.C. Dean as an associate engineer on the $300-million-plus Pentagon renovation project, where his responsibilities grew throughout the project. His success led to his being given corporate-wide design engineer responsibilities for distribution systems design and trade coordination. He served as distribution design engineer during the design phase for the 1.3-million-sq-ft Washington Headquarters Service Mark Center and was the deputy lead engineer during the facility's construction phase. Currently a systems engineer for distribution systems, he leads a team of eight engineers. "Over the last seven years, [Alexander Holbrook] has come to stand out among his peers as a young man with an extremely bright future," says Jim Pattee, M.C. Dean senior vice president, electrical and construction division.