Image courtesy of Warranty Hotel
Danish company's new cloud-based warranty management site, which has apps for data acquisition, is available on a white-label basis for integration with other asset data-management systems.

A new consumer-oriented Android app that lets users upload and manage an unlimited amount of warranty information on products for a onetime, 99-cent fee has crossover potential for construction, which could use it just as easily to track the same information for equipment, tools and materials.

The app is associated with, a website that gives users a free cloud-based account. Using the account, they can upload and track warranty information, acquiring the data via QR codes if the vendor has supplied them.

The current site, founded in Denmark, already is partnered with some Danish retailers. The partner companies can automatically upload their product warranty information to a purchaser's account at the point and moment of purchase. When the retailer is the one to upload the content a small fee is charged the customer—the fee amount varies by retailer.

The app developers are primarily targeting the consumer retail market but say they are "a young company and open to several versions of service," says Chips Godfrey, a U.S. representative for Warranty Hotel A/S, Roskilde, Denmark.

“If someone wanted to have a white-label version or if someone wanted to modify it into their existing system, we can incorporate into their business,” says Godfrey.

A white-label version would allow a third-party company to purchase Warranty Hotel’s services and re-label them, allowing them to cater to a specific industry or business.

With either the Android version or a soon-to-be-released IOS app, contractors can capture and collect all equipment, tool and building-material warranty information before construction starts, delivering it to the owner or retaining it for their own records.

"Heavy equipment certainly has a play in our market because they have original warranties and extended service contracts,” says Godfrey. “We’re now working with retailers and warranty management companies in the states."

The convenience and added benefit of the service would give companies an edge on competition, claims Godfrey. The IOS version of the app is scheduled for release in August, he adds.