Going live on Nov. 22, the U.S. Green Building Council's new App Lab features an initial eight computer applications that aim to support the green building movement.

USGBC's third-party LEED automation partners developed and contributed each application in this new searchable database.

Making the application mobile is a sensible course to follow, says one of the partners. "As the need becomes more mobile, so will our product," predicts Dave Weinerth, executive vice president of business development at SCIenergy, San Francisco. Other automation partners agree, although only one app is currently available in Apple's App Store.

The council says the potential number of apps in the lab is unlimited because any LEED automation partner is welcome to contribute.

"One idea behind the App Lab is to ease the burden of LEED documentation," says Barry Abramson, senior vice president of engineering at SCIenergy. The company has developed one of the debut apps, SCIwatch, a cloud-based tool that automates the LEED commissioning process daily.

"Our product has been available for some time," says Weinerth. "The new capability is that it helps automate LEED reporting."

Most partnering apps have been around for awhile, but the App Lab connects them all.

"Ongoing commissioning is one of the most difficult and important LEED credits to achieve," says Abramson. "Our goal is to alleviate some of the burden of documentation and focus on the core issues of making buildings sustainable."

Another app, LoraxPro Mobile, gives users access to its LEED software, which helps simplify certification.

Another app, the Indie Energy Network, provides access to its open platform of real-time building analytics and data as well as energy apps.