Peter Green, a U.K.-born engineer who became one of ENR’s most prolific writers of technically detailed journalism on global construction megaprojects, died on Jan. 10 of pneumonia complications in New York City. Green, 81, had been ENR’s senior transportation editor for a decade until he retired in 1996, covering some of the world’s most complex projects and biggest disasters.


ENR’s archives are filled with references to cover stories that Green reported, wrote and edited. He managed ENR’s coverage of noteworthy transportation projects, including the huge English Channel rail tunnel, Boston’s Central Artery network and reconstruction of infrastructure damaged in California’s 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Green, trained in the U.K. as a structural engineer, immigrated to Canada in 1958 to become a practitioner. He later came to the U.S., joined the staff of ENR and went on to write for Coal Age, a former McGraw-Hill publication that served the coal mining industry. Green rejoined ENR in 1986.

“Peter was the consummate professional, in writing or interviewing, and because of this, his sources trusted that he would treat them and their story with respect,” says Howard B. Stussman, ENR editor emeritus. “His stories were precise, and that precision made Peter a joy to edit.”