A new survey finds that nearly 80% of the states say they will be ready to implement the Environmental Protection Agency’s new clean-air “tailoring” regulation by the Jan. 2 deadline or within a few months after that.

EPA’s final regulation, published on June 3, focuses states’ greenhouse-gas (GHG) permitting on the largest “stationary” sources of such emissions, such as powerplants and industrial facilities.

The study, released on Sept. 15 by the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, analyzed letters that states sent to EPA this summer describing progress toward meeting the permitting deadline. Bill Becker, NACAA’s executive director, says states that won’t make the deadline have regulatory or legislative constraints. But one large state, Texas, told EPA it does not intend to begin permitting at all.

Meanwhile, an industry coalition that includes the National Association of Home Builders asked a federal appeals court on Sept. 16 to issue a partial stay of EPA’s regulation. The group claims the rule will stifle capital spending and construction projects.