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Jon Hansen

Jon Hansen 
Loven Contracting Co.

Over the last several years, the annual pace of Flagstaff’s new project starts has been trending in a positive direction. And Hansen foresees the market continuing upward. “We’re still seeing a good amount of construction activity in Flagstaff and statewide,” he says. The increase in interest rates during 2023 has “definitely caused a lot more discussion about privately funded projects.” 

Loven is currently coming out of the ground on the Downtown Connection Center project for the Mountain Line transit agency, which serves northern Arizona. That project includes construction of an approximately 20,000-sq-ft mass timber building.

Material shortages “will even out” eventually, he says, adding that “there are still certain items that we’re keenly aware of, especially as we’re starting up projects, and making sure we build on timeframes for electrical equipment and those types of items.”

Overall,  Hansen says, “We’re kind of the same as everybody, concerned with what could come in 2024 and being prepared for any sort of hiccups in the economy.”