City Grill

Daniel FolkeDaniel Folke
Acting Community Development Director
City of Flagstaff

Popular for its pleasant weather and all-year outdoor recreation, Flagstaff’s construction market is active, Folke says.

Strong residential construction has spurred  the development of hotels, franchise restaurants and a new courthouse, which is in the design phase, he adds.

Folke says the city’s long awaited Rio de Flag flood control project is still progressing. The more than $100-million project would protect a large swath of the city from a 100-year flood.

Firm in Focus

BEC Southwest
4355 E. Industrial Drive, Flagstaff, Ariz.
President & CEO: Marc Daniels
Firm Founded: 1992
What’s New: BEC Southwest is the contractor on the Giovale Open Deck Observatory, a 4,300-sq-ft elevated plaza and a roll-off building at Lowell Observatory.