Encina Pilot Plant

San Antonio

Award of Merit

Submitted by: Chemex Global

Owner: Chemex Global LLC

Lead Design Firm: Chemex Global LLC

General Contractor: Chemex Global LLC

Civil/Structural/Civil Engineer: Chemex Global LLC

COVID, supply limitations and budget overruns forced Chemex Global’s team to be resilient and proactive to mitigate impacts during the construction of the Encina Pilot Plant. During construction, new technologies were developed, including specialized valve packing material, heat-resistant electrical tracing and increased process monitoring. Also, the project team was able to offset costs by providing engineering and material recommendations.

During the first week, an error was discovered in the materials balance calculations provided in the original design package. This error needed to be rectified before equipment procurement and design could proceed. The engineering team addressed the issue with minimal schedule delay.

During the nearly 56,000 construction hours, Chemex Global reported zero OSHA recordable or first aid injuries. Chemex credits the achievement to its safety program, which includes a “just in time” training program, daily gang box meetings, the Employee Observation Card (EOC) program, a stretch and flex program, the Job Safety Analysis program and an employee recognition program.