Mayor Vera Calvin Plaza in Old Town Burleson

Burleson, Texas

Award of Merit

OWNER: City of Burleson


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors


SUBCONTRACTORS: AIM Paving and Construction; Aspen Commercial Signage; Barrera Plumbing; Basden Steel Co.; Brazos Masonry; Dave Riddle Electric Co.; ForeverLawn West Texas; Garrett Demolition; Gill Excavating; GreyHawk Services; Hatfield Acoustical & Drywall; Highland Specialty Services; Infinity Sound; LCR Contractors; Maverick Utility Construction; Nacho’s Painting Contractors; Reynolds Asphalt & Construction; Signature Illuminations

The $6.7-million renovation of Mayor Vera Calvin Plaza revitalized Old Town Burleson’s public plaza with an outdoor concert stage, covered seating and streetscape improvements.

With construction taking place in front of Burleson City Hall, the project team had to always ensure access to the building. To accommodate city employees and residents, the team phased demolition and replacement of each side of the sidewalk. Additional wayfinding signage was used during each phase of construction so citizens were informed where to park and what side of the building had access.

Material delivery became an issue when the quantity and size of brick delivered did not match specifications. The design team selected a style of brick that has an older look to match the design intent, but it is only produced at a small plant in Alabama. Because of the incorrect size and amount, the mason had to make several revisions during installation to make use of the available materials.

Concrete placements required careful planning as well. The team had to incorporate railroad tracks into sidewalks and tie new concrete into existing concrete, asphalt and parking areas.