In Iowa, 77 miles of roads—most of that interstate highway—maintained by the state DOT were closed during the flooding, said Gray-Fisher, Iowa DOT spokeswoman.

Damage there ranged from lost shoulder material to complete destruction, such as I-680 near Council Bluffs and Iowa 2 in Fremont County. "A variety of repairs have been needed depending on the extent of the damage," Gray-Fisher said. The I-680 rebuilding was the biggest, but there were also bridge approaches and road shoulders to be replaced and drainage structures to repair, she said.

Iowa still doesn't have a total for work done, but the state let bids in October for three jobs totaling more than $5.2 million to C.J. Moyna & Sons Inc., Elkader, Iowa; M.E. Collins Contracting Co. Inc., Wahoo, Neb.; and Peterson Contractors.