Photographer: Robby Brown, Staff Photographer/Videographer, Sundt Construction
Submitted By: Kimberley Hoidal, PR and Communication Specialist, Sundt Construction, Tempe, Ariz.


The University of Arizona’s Student Success District in Tucson aims to transform the Main Library, the Science-Engineering Library, the Bear Down Gym and a new four-story student success building into an interconnected district with both indoor and outdoor spaces. The new district will offer students the opportunity  to move seamlessly between spaces that provide a full range of services and expertise in a bid to support their academic and career goals. The design-build, multi-facility project is expected to be open to students by 2021.

“When being escorted around a project, I saw the shot coming up and stopped for a split second to capture it before continuing on,” Brown says. “I used a Canon 5D Mark IV and ‘Mama Bear,’ which is what I call my Canon 24-70 because it handles most of the work.”

Brown says he likes the complexity of the shot best. “There’s a lot to look at and unpack: the action, the scale, the symmetry, the framing. And it’s clear to the viewer where this is and who the work is for,” he says.