Photographer: Grant Evans
Submitted By: Russell Tweed, Woodson Engineering and Surveying Inc.

The city of Winslow, Ariz., recently expanded its sewer capacity. Grant Evans, a project manager with Woodson Engineering and Surveying, designed the project and took this photo using his cellphone.

“We are doing a jack and bore for a 48-inch-diameter steel-casing pipe running under Interstate 40 in Winslow,” Evans explains. “The bore was approximately 15 feet deep below the eastbound and westbound lanes of Interstate 40. This bore extended for 280 linear feet from the south side of Interstate 40 to the north side.

“With this photo, I was capturing the boring operation itself and also, with the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 in the background, I was able to better capture the magnitude and complexity of the bore,” Evans says.

The project will help Winslow position its wastewater infrastructure for well into the future, he adds.