Photographer: Teagan Crabb, Assistant Project Manager
Submitted By: Patty Johnson, Connections Marketing & Communications, McCarthy Building Cos. Water Services Team, Gilbert, Ariz.


The water services group at McCarthy Building Cos. is serving as general contractor on the Phase III Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant Expansion project in Gilbert, Ariz. The project is owned by the city of Mesa, the town of Gilbert and the town of Queen Creek.

This 14-million-gallon-per-day (MGD) expansion of liquids and solids treatment will allow the facility to treat up to 30 mgd of liquids on a maximum monthly basis as well as enhancements to plant operations, including replacement, repair and rehabilitation of aging equipment.

Crabb noticed the work on two new digesters during her daily safety and quality site check. “The decorative skin, which provides sun protection, was being installed on the domes of the digesters with the aid of a crane seen in the photo, approximately four stories above ground and three stories below ground,” Crabb says.

The digesters are egg-shaped metal containers used to contain and process solids from a wastewater treatment plant.

Crabb notes that the clouds were “particularly pretty that day,” and she says she wanted to capture the image of the crane at work and the digester tops framed against the bright blue Arizona sky. She took the photo from ground level using her Pixel 2 phone, getting as close as possible without interrupting the work.