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Clancy WelshClancy Welsh
Garco Construction Inc.

The public sector, which has been strong for five years, is a major contributor to Garco’s revenue, Welsh says. He expects public sector projects to continue driving Spokane’s market growth.

“Regional support of bonds for our school districts and city propositions has led to construction-related opportunities for the next three to four years,” Welsh says, citing Garco’s contract for the demolition and replacement of Spokane Public School’s Joe Albi Stadium. The project is funded by a $495.3-million school bond measure for additional major projects, including three new middle schools.

Meanwhile, Welsh expects multiple infrastructure projects to add to a healthy backlog in the next few years. Garco is currently working on the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Basin 26 control facility, part of Spokane’s $350-million investment in its Cleaner River Faster, a water-quality improvement initiative.

“Our community leaders continue to work hard to showcase the Spokane area as an attractive destination for businesses to start or relocate their operations, [leading to] steady growth in the greater Spokane area,” he says.