The construction of two Mississippi River diversions in Louisiana will create 447 construction jobs and provide $28.7 million in construction earnings, according to a new study on the economic impact of the planned $1.15-billion Mid-Barataria and $700-million Mid-Breton sediment projects in Plaquemines Parish. Findings indicate that the construction sector should pick up $462.5 million in new sales, or 82% of all sales created from the work. Additionally, from 2021 to 2027, regional business sales revenue will increase by just over $3.1 billion as a result of the projects. Economist Loren C. Scott wrote the report for the nonprofit groups Restore the Mississippi Delta Campaign and the Environmental Defense Fund. Furthermore, construction spending will support an average of 2,255 jobs a year, with a peak of 3,962 jobs in 2023, the study notes. During the seven-year construction period, Louisiana will also collect an extra $56.6 million in state revenues, the report finds, which is approximately equal to the amount the state collects from its transportation and communications utility tax.