The U.S. International Trade Commission said on Mar. 20 that domestic producers were being harmed by imports of fabricated structural steel from Canada, China and Mexico. That means an investigation into whether Canada, Mexico and China's imports are harming U.S.-based fabricators will continue and tariffs may eventually be placed on the structural steel products that are used by contractors in building projects.

The ITC decision means that an anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigation will proceed. The U.S. Commerce Dept. initiated action last month in response to a petition from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

"The petition is a strong one and speaks for itself," says Brian Raff, director of communications and public affairs for the AISC, a trade organization that represents U.S.-based fabricators and detailers.

The anti-dumping duties alleged against the three countries are 31.46% for Canada, 41.39% for Mexico and 218.95% for China. AISC estimated that the countries targeted in the petition accounted for an estimated 20% of U.S. fabricated steel consumption in 2017.