TEVA Biologics Manufacturing Facility
North Wales, Pa.    
Award of Merit 

Owner: TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA
Lead Design Firm/Architect (A&E)/Structural Engineer: IPS-Integrated Project Services LLC
Construction Manager: HSC Builders & Construction Managers
MEP Engineer/Piping Subcontractor Manager: Herman Goldner Co. 
Structural Engineer: Mainstay Engineering Group Inc.
Subcontractors: Thermodesign Corp. (HVAC); Siemens Industry Inc. (Automation and Controller Supplier)

Cooperation among the designer, owner and construction manager allowed this $33.9-million project to reach substantial completion ahead of schedule and under budget despite converting a structure designed for commercial office and warehouse use into a manufacturing facility. 

The seven-month project began by demolishing the existing building to a shell to avoid having to purchase new land. The building was reconstructed to house the classified manufacturing facility, adjoining areas and utilities. To achieve operational flows, the design team created a layout and co-located the utilities within the manufacturing space. The team says that creating ample space under a low single-story roof to accommodate tall process equipment was challenging.

After removing existing utilities, the team ran many of the new utilities through the joists and also ran large ductwork to the roof. The team says the ductwork was built high enough to allow workers to gain access to the walk-on ceiling to carry out maintenance tasks.

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