Florida Power & Light Co. is cleaning up its generation on a grand scale. On March 2, the company announced the names and locations of four new, 74.5-MW solar energy centers that it will construct across Florida. The power plants are scheduled for completion by mid-2019 and will add to FPL’s fleet of 14 solar units already in operation. The utility also announced Public Service Commission approval of its plan to modernize its natural-gas plant in Dania Beach, Fla. The 880-MW, two-unit Lauderdale power plant will be dismantled and replaced on the site by a new, 1,160-MW, two-unit Dania Beach natural-gas combined-cycle plant, at a cost of $888 million. Permitting for Dania Beach is in progress and dismantling the Lauderdale plant will begin this year. FPL will seek bids for engineering, procurement and construction and secure the contractor this year. Construction is scheduled to begin by early 2020. FPL did not respond to questions about the cost or construction of the solar facilities.