Truck-Mounted Crane: Electronic Stability

Four new models of truck-mounted, articulating cranes from IMT boast lift capacities in the 40,000-lb to 70,000-lb range. The 610, 710, 810 and 910 cranes all feature IMT’s electronic stability system, which alerts the operator when the truck’s chassis is tilted beyond a preset angle. A rated-capacity limiter constantly monitors the crane’s load moment and function. Hoses on the new models have been routed internally through the crane arm to reduce damage during operation. Iowa Mold Tooling;

Press Tool: Works in Tight Spaces

The RIDGID RP 241 press tool is powered by a 12V battery and can perform up to 140 crimps per charge. The tool weighs 7.4 lb and is 15.8 in. long. The jaws can rotate 180° to perform crimps in tight spaces, and a bolt sensor prevents the tool from cycling if it is misaligned. The RP241 can be used for pressing copper, stainless steel, black steel and PEX pipe. When paired with the RIDGID Link mobile app, crimp history and tool performance information can be downloaded to a smart device. RIDGID;

DOZER: Updated Model for Demanding Jobs

The D375A-8 dozer is powered by a Tier 4 Final engine that can deliver 609 net hp in forward and 748 hp in reverse. It has a variable-geometry turbocharger that improves low-speed response and boost. Blade auto-pitch and ripper auto-return are now standard features, simplifying operation. The cab has been redesigned to increase operator comfort with a new control layout, and the frame and undercarriage have been strengthened from previous models to reduce damage and improve durability. The heavy-duty dozer is suited for large earthmoving projects and mining applications. Komatsu America;

Dewatering Pump: Dry Prime Capabilility

Atlas Copco has expanded its line of dewatering pumps with three new models to its PAS range of centrifugal, dry-prime pumps, capable of flow rates of up to 6,164 gallons per minute. The pumps’ dry-prime functionality allows them to run dry without damaging internal components and be used in well-point applications where the water depth and volume is low. All of the pumps can be configured with a diesel engine or electric motor. The pumps can be factory-mounted on skids or a trailer or fully containerized. Atlas Copco North America;