Surface Preparation: Shot Blaster

The 1-8DM shot blaster can prepare concrete floors for overlayments and other coatings. A small profile allows it to blast within 11⁄2 in. of walls and other obstacles; when the side magnets are removed, it can work within 3⁄4 in. The 1-DM has an 8.75-in. blast pattern, which can be reduced with inserts to 4 in., 5 in. or 6 in., as needed. The shot blaster is well suited for small projects and cleanup work on larger concrete resurfacing jobs. Blastrac; 

Slipform Paver: Tight Turns

The Commander III Xtreme paver is able to slipform a 24-in. radius. The three-tracked slipform paver uses Gomaco’s G+ control system to ensure the paving radius is met. As the paver approaches a turn, the operator activates the preset program, which automatically guides the curb-and-gutter machine around the radius. New sensors on the paver include smart hydraulic cylinders on each track, which allows the G+ software to know the exact position of all three tracks. Slew drives on the tracks feature rotary sensors, ensuring tight turns meet the presets. Gomaco;

Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom: Long Reach

The 47Z truck-mounted concrete boom pump has a five-section boom that boasts a horizontal reach of 134 ft, 10 in., and a vertical reach of 151 ft, 3 in. A new boom reset switch ensures that the boom is fully stowed before the truck can be driven. Unlike earlier models, the 47Z’s operating weight is below 70,000 lb, allowing for easier over-the-road transport in the U.S. The pump’s control system has been redesigned, with the graphic display moved to a handheld wireless remote from the onboard control box. Putzmeister America;

Dowel-Pin Drills: Adjustable Drill Positions

On display at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas on Jan. 17-20, the A-1 Series of dowel-pin drills consists of four models with drilling widths ranging from 24 in. to 48 in. The drills can be configured to drill vertically, horizontally, into a wall or 6 in. from a corner. All four drills feature adjustable drill depth and width. Pistol-grip handles reduce the possibility of dry-firing, and a convenient foothold at the base grants the operator greater leverage during drilling. Minnich Manufacturing;

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