Addressing the proposed head of the Homeland Security Administration, a group of North Carolina politicians are seeking to shut down a nearly complete, $400-million, 22,000-acre wind farm in northeastern North Carolina, citing allegedly harmful impacts from “industrial wind-energy interference” to a Navy radar facility. “This wind project should never have been permitted,” the senators argued to Gen. John Kelly. “This totally unacceptable situation came about due to the [Obama] administration’s promotion of unscientific and nonsensical all-of-the-above energy sources—and renewable energy, in particular—at essentially any cost.” Paul Copleman, a spokesman for project owner Avangrid Renewables (formerly Iberdrola), said the Dept. of Defense “has explicitly expressed that the wind farm will have no impact whatsoever on its capabilities.” Avangrid adds that, with all turbines assembled and undergoing commissioning, “we are close to full commercial operation.” In response, the U.S. Navy stated that it stands by the project, according to reports. Set upon 305-ft towers, the turbines will reach a maximum height of 492 ft.