Mark MadsenCity Grill

Mark Madsen
Business Development Director, Simon Contractors

Board Member, Wyoming Contractors Association

“The development market and the economy are experiencing positive and prosperous growth in southern Wyoming; as a result, the construction market is flourishing in Laramie County,” Madsen says. “The city, county and state have funded some very beneficial projects here, including new schools, road and street improvements, municipal water and sewer work and other infrastructure. Also, we’re seeing the start of some new housing developments in and around Cheyenne.”

Firms in Focus

Haselden Wyoming Constructors
2020 Grand Ave., Ste. 305, Laramie
President: Derek Oliver
Employees: 30
Founded: 2013
What's New: The firm just completed the Laramie High School and continues work on the University of Wyoming High Bay Research Facility and the Church of the Holy Trinity addition.