A newly constructed bridge deck built as part of the 91 Freeway Project in Corona, Calif., will be demolished and rebuilt amid concerns about possible damage associated with an Oct. 9 incident that injured nine workers. According to statements from the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), which is leading the $1.4-billion project, a 750-ton deck segment was being lowered onto permanent concrete supports using hydraulic jacks, which apparently failed. The deck dropped approximately 16 in. and struck wooden support beams, which then hit the workers, four of whom remained hospitalized as of Nov. 2. The incident is currently under investigation by California’s OSHA, Caltrans and KCE Structural Engineers, which was hired by project contractor Atkinson-Walsh Joint Venture (AWJV). Though the remainder of the partially constructed bridge was deemed safe, AWJV elected to replace it using a build-in-place approach to ensure long-term durability.