Pipe lift equipment: Versus Slings and Cables
The Pipe Lift is an easy, safe and cost effective way to move pipe. It allows for hands-free movement of any type of pipe. When compared to methods using slings and cables, the Pipe Lift helps double production of pipe installation, the manufacturer says. Its unique design allows for lifting a wide range of pipe sizes with each model. No hydraulics are needed. The weight of the pipe causes the lifter to grip the load and its narrow profile eases removal from tight trenches. The Pipe Lift is available in sizes to accommodate all types of pipe, ranging from 3-in. O.D. to 100-in. O.D. Kenco Corp.; 800-653-6069; www.kenco.com

Concrete Mixer: On-Site Batching
The C.U.B.E., or Cart-Away Universal Batching Equipment, allows the user to control most aspects of jobsite ready-mix production. With a 11/2-cu-yd mixing capacity, the C.U.B.E. can produce 6-8 cu yd of concrete per hour. Loading, mixing and dispensing of the concrete materials are all completed inside of the box, reducing the amount of equipment at the jobsite. Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc.; 800-909-9809; www.concretecube.com

Work Platform: Faster Travel Speeds
The HEK MS ProMax mast climbing work platform is designed to meet customer demands for higher payload, faster travel speeds at 36 ft per minute and longer platforms at up to 50 ft for a single section. A new gearbox design enables a 57% increase in travel speed, making it more convenient for contractors working on very applications. AlimakHek Inc.; 203-330-5682; www.alimakhek.us

Recycler/Stabilizers: Improved Drive System
Key drive-train components on the 79-in. rotor width asphalt recycler/soil stabilizers have been improved. The MPH362-2 and MPH364-2 have been repowered with a 6-cylinder, 360-hp Cummins QSM11 water-cooled diesel engine. They also have a double-reduction planetary rear drive system that is propelled by a pair of axial piston, variable displacement motors. The drive system on previous models used a ring and pinion differential assembly. Upgrades to control systems and changes to electronics have also been made. BOMAG Americas Inc.; 800-782-6624; www.bomag-americas.com

Truck-Mounted Platforms:Hexagonal Boom
Truck-mounted platforms, called the Haulotte Truck Boom, are available in three models�HTB 16, HTB 180 and HTB 200. With a range of 16 (52 ft), 18 (59 ft) and 20 meter (66 ft) telescopic booms, the units are suitable for various uses, the French manufacturer says. Maximum safety features include automatic centralized locking, shutdown in the event of tipping movements and more. Haulotte Group; www.haulotte.com