Charger Refresh Button
Model SF 180-A, an 18-volt cordless cam-action hammer/drill/driver, allows construction and maintenance workers to maneuver in tight areas or corners. It is offered with two battery options: a 2.0 amp-hour nickel cadmium or 3.0 amp-hour nickel metal hydride. Hilti’s rapid charger, which comes with the 3.0 amp-hour NiMH battery, features a button that helps refresh batteries after every 40 charging cycles. The SF 180-A also features a 15% increase in gear teeth height for hard-hitting hammer performance. Hilti Inc.; 800/879-8000; www.us.hilti.com

Interchange Module
Adds Space
The 1184 interchange module allows the user to increase tool storage space on the 1184 tire service body. It fits behind the cab of the chassis when a crane is not needed. The 1184’s tool compartment provides 23 cu ft of storage and can accommodate a gas-powered or hydraulic-driven compressor. Stellar Industries Inc.; 800/321-3741; www.stellar-industries.com

Spray Machine
Vertical Design
Designed for polyurethane form and polyurea coating applications, the new HV-20/35 hydraulic, vertical-driven, high-pressure proportioner (AKA metering unit), fits through standard doorways, making it suitable for on-site construction, rig mounting or in-plant use. The HV-20/35 develops pressures up to 3,000 psi at 20 lb per minute and 2,000 psi at 25 lb per minute. It also is available with 6,000 or 9,000-watt heaters. The HV-20/35 has a new ball valve design that eliminates excessive pressure on the upstroke. Gusmer Corp.; 800/367-4767; www.gusmer.com

The ServicePro all-in-one trailer/melter consists of a trailer with generous storage and the 115-gallon HeatWave direct-fire melter used for cracksealing applications. The HeatWave tube-fired heating system, constructed of two 3�16--in.-thick, 7-in.-dia single-pass flues, runs 4 in. from the bottom of the kettle. Also, specially designed sealant loading doors make the loading process easy and built-in splash shields help keep asphalt inside. Cimline Inc.; 800/328-3874; www.cimline.com