Climate-Controlled Operator's Station
The D200x300 Navigator horizontal directional drill is designed to help minimize support equipment and maximize operator efficiency. This model has an exclusive attached climate-controlled two-person operator's station with fold-down surveyor table and a hydraulic fold-up scaffold that allows for easy transport on one truck. The D200x300 is a self-contained unit with a rack-and-pinion design. It offers 30,000 ft lb of rotary torque and 200,000 lb of thrust and pullback capability. VERMEER MANUFACTURING CO.; 888/837-6337; www.vermeer.com

One- and Two-Person Operation
One- and two-person gasoline-driven power screeds are available for new concrete pours and repair work. Designated PRO3200 series, these power screeds are designed to provide rapid consolidation of concrete floors while improving the quality and flatness of the finished product. Features include patented Northrock magnesium blades that cut and roll the concrete in front of the screed. The series is available with blades from 4 to 14 ft for one-person operation and 16 to 22 ft for two-person operation. NORTHROCK INDUSTRIES INC; 800/989-8423

Handheld Cordless Model
Manufacturer of portable electric and hydraulic equipment offers a line of portable machines that both cut and bend up to and including #6 (3�4 in. dia) grade 60 steel reinforcing bar. Model FS-600 weighs approximately 180 lb and can be picked up by two people using convenient carrying handles. The unit plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet. Power is supplied by a two-stage hydraulic pump driven by a 1-hp continuous duty electric motor. FASCUT INDUSTRIES INC.; 608/643-6678; www.fascut.com

Floor-Mounted Travel Pedals
Bomag's new BW124-3 single-drum vibratory roller series offers increased gradeability and tractive effort. Fitted with 50-hp, fuel-efficient Deutz air/oil-cooled diesel engines, the machines offer dual amplitudes and an optimized operating frequency of 2,460 vpm to achieve 19,125 lb of centrifugal force for maximum compaction on a wide range of materials. The BW124-3 series also includes ergonomically designed operator's compartment, including all-around visibility and a clear layout of controls for simple handling. COMPACTION AMERICA INC.; 309/853-3571; www.bomag-americas.com

Diesel Powered/One-Hand Control
Specifically engineered for large applications, the new FS 8700 D flat saw is equipped with an 83-hp, Deutz four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine and a two-speed hydrostatic transmission that allows the unit to travel at infinitely variable speeds up to 220 ft per minute. Designed for simple operation, the FS 8700 offers one-hand control through a single-lever speed and blade raise- and-lower control. A switch-activated, positive-depth stop controls the blade depth, ensuring an accurate and precise cut. DIMAS, A DIV. OF THE ELECTROLUX GROUP; 800/845-1312; www.dimas.com

Modular Storage System for Vans
Manufacturer now offers a build-your- own-rack system for ladder storage. The EZ-Glide system starts with the basic rotation rack and then adds kits and accessories to meet each user's exact requirements. It is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including full-size vans, minivans, hi-cube vans and Sprinter vans. The system has an ergonomic design with hydraulic action that allows for the easy raising and lowering of ladders. KNAACK MANUFACTURING CO.; 800/334/2981; www.weatherguard.com

Extra-Long Adjustable Handle
A 48-in. trowel has been added to the maker's Smooth Operator power trowel product line-up. Model CF484 has an extra-long adjustable handle and is available with either a fine-tuned pitch control or the company's ProPitch control for fast blade adjustment. Three engine options are available–11-hp Honda, 11-hp Robin or a 13-hp Honda. The exclusive patented Dyna-Clutch system, which stops blade rotation without shutting off the engine and delivers precision handling, is standard. STONE CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT INC.; 585/229-5141; www.stoneequip.com

Parallel Loader Linkage
Two new compact wheel loaders, the L20B and the L25B, are suitable for jobsites of narrow and small, restrictive workspaces. Both models are equipped with Volvo engines, parallel loader linkage and the capacity to operate with more than 60 attachments. The two loaders have vertical clearances of 8 ft, 1 in. and 7 ft, 11 in., respectively. Removable cabs allow entry into areas with lower height clearances. Also, both models offer good lifting capacities of 1.8 tons for the L20B and 2 tons for the L25B. VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT NORTH AMERICA INC.; 828/650-2043; www.volvoce.com

Dust-Resistant Brushless Motor
Made to meet the jobsite requirements of renovation, flooring, painting and waterproofing contractors, the DG 150 grinding system can be used for grinding concrete as well as removing paint, adhesives and epoxy coatings. It features a dust-resistant brushless motor which is the first of its kind on the market, the manufacturer says. The four-part system includes the DG 150 grinder, DPC 20 power conditioner, VCD 50 vacuum cleaner and a specially designed diamond cup wheel. HILTI INC.; 800/879-8000; www.us.hilti.com

Available in OSB and Plywood
This grid panel system is available in both OSB and plywood. It features a surface-printed system of cutting and nailing lines or unit measurement markings that assist in the efficient installation of roof sheathing, side walls, subflooring and siding. The grid panel comes in a variety of thickness and grades and is produced in traditional quality rated sheathing, sanded and industrial- grade panels. MARTCO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP; 800/299-5174; www.martco.com