For all infrastructure programs, the task force recommends agencies require a plan to monitor and evaluate the efficacy and sustainability of the implemented project. The task force also recommends the development of infrastructure-resilience performance standards.

The group will disband by early October. But with an eye on the future, Donovan outlined a succession plan that includes an implementation and monitoring strategy involving federal interagency forums. The plan also calls for Donovan's team to meet with White House officials four times a year.


Construction industry leaders and elected officials in the Sandy-hit region issued myriad statements welcoming the report and saying they look forward to working with HUD. The long-range strategies are aligned with the AIANY's thinking because they reflect many disciplines and regions, says Jill Lerner, AIANY president and a KPF principal.

NYBC's Anderson adds, "Secretary Donovan and the task force have produced an important blueprint to repair communities still recovering from the storm and to prepare for future emergencies."