C Tech Development Corp., Huntington Beach, Calif., says its EVS/MVS V. 5.75 includes a well decommissioning tool developed for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The module analyzes all available groundwater data from a study area and quantifies each well's importance to the overall site assessment. It provides a quantitative and justifiable method to determine which, if any, wells can be eliminated from a monitoring array.

Monitoring wells are used for regular sampling of groundwater contamination. At typical costs of $1,500 per well, per sample, and with more than 500,000 brownfields being managed in the U.S. alone, decommissioning redundant or geostatistically insignificant wells will yield significant savings, say company officials. Details are at www.ctech.com.

company that sells 3D earth science software for geologic and environmental analysis has released a new version of its product that includes a tool for justifying the decommissioning of monitoring wells.