A spokesperson says the Port of Seattle doesn't intend to file an appeal against its third wastewater-related fine on a $1.1-billion third runway project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The port and TTI Constructors, LLC, were fined by the state Dept. of Ecology on Jan. 10 for the third time in two years. The $81,000 fine is related to illegal release of wastewater into a stormwater system.

The $1.1 billion runway project is expected to be finished in late 2008. During October, November and December 2005, the port and contractor allowed six releases of muddy water from the project into nearby creeks and for pumping industrial wastewater into a storm-water treatment system. TTI or the port can appeal the fine within by Feb. 20. TTI project manager Brian Kittleson did not comment on the fine, but stated: "It's a really large complicated project on a 16-acre site and there were some human and mechanical errors. We are working to fix those."

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  • Previous project violations include a $15,000 penalty in 2004 for allowing trucks to track dirt onto roadways near the construction site and for a muddy water discharge from a broken pipeline into a creek. The port and TTI were also fined $9,000 last year for spilling roughly 7,000 gallons of muddy water into a wetland, which flowed into a nearby creek.

    In addition to paying the fine, the port is required to evaluate the operation, maintenance and management of the project's storm water collection and treatment system and submit a report within 60 days, along with a recommendation for improvements.