Officials are investigating the partial collapse of a seven-year-old precast office- tower parking deck in Atlanta that left a tangle of crushed cars in its wake but no reported injuries at ENR press time. The collapse occurred on Monday, June 29, at the Centergy office complex in midtown Atlanta. The center section of the eight-floor deck collapsed at the fourth level, pancaking the floors below it down to grade. More than 35 cars were crushed in the collapse. The cause of the collapse is unclear, and efforts to stabilize the structure are ongoing, say officials. The 460,000-sq-ft parking deck was completed in 2002 by precast-concrete firm Metromont Corp., Greenville, S.C. Hardin Construction Co., Atlanta, was the at-risk construction manager for the $70-million office complex. Metro-mont officials say the precast components were manufactured at its plants in Greenville and Hiram, Ga., and that there was nothing unusual about the design.