The board of directors for Houston’s light-rail system approved a $1.46-billion contract for four light-rail lines. The budget includes $16 million for the development agreement; $1.28 billion for design and construction; $148 million for vehicles; $16 million for operations and maintenance-preliminary work.

The METRO contracted with Parsons Transportation Group as the facility provider. The firm will be responsible for designing, building, operating and maintaining the four new light-rail lines: North Line, East End Line, Southeast Line and the Uptown Line.

The four lines will add approximately 20 mi. The contract includes $632 million for the initial phase, which includes a combined $90 million in utility work on the North and Southeast Corridors and $390 million for the East End Corridor, including an overpass, a service and inspection facility and rail cars.

The rail cars are part of a contract for 29 cars from CAF USA Inc. and, at $118 million, are included in the $632 million.