The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $5.8 million to a combination of clean diesel projects by the city of Houston and the Port of Houston Authority. The clean-diesel projects are designed to create jobs while protecting the Houston area’s air quality. The EPA also awarded $1 million to the VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio to upgrade its bus fleet.

The Port of Houston Authority will receive a total of $3.5 million for projects that will promote the use of advanced emission reduction and energy efficient technologies as well as replacement of cargo handling equipment and the repowering of the Sam Houston marine vessel. Both projects are part of the port’s Clean Air Strategy Plan.

The city of Houston will receive $2.4 million for its project to remove some of the city’s oldest, and highest polluting, vehicles and equipment from various departments and replace them with newer and cleaner-running vehicles.

The VIA Metropolitan Transit project will involve replacing the engines in 83 transit buses with lower-emitting engines.