Due to increased funding from the state legislature and recent rules modifications, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is making efforts toward inspecting all of the state’s 1,735 high and significant-hazard dams.

So far this year, a total of 550 high- and significant-hazard dams have been inspected. In 2008, 316 dams were inspected, while 293 dams were inspected in 2007.

Current legislative funding has allowed for hiring an additional 13 inspectors this year. Over the next two years, an additional 19 inspectors will be hired.

In December 2008, the TCEQ adopted changes in the dams and reservoir rules of the Texas Water Code. These changes give the agency the authority to require emergency action, operation and maintenance plans for all dams in the state, and establishes an inspection frequency of five years for high and significant-hazard dams, and large, low-hazard dams.