Contractors overcame a number of challenges during the construction of the Watervue at North Beach apartment complex project. Because the ground was primarily rock, Jordan Construction had to build retaining walls that were between 14 ft and 16 ft high in order to contain the rock. While most of the rock was excavated, some was used as backfill to raise the elevation in some areas due to a significant slope in topography.

Watervue at North Beach, Fort Worth

Within the project’s first quarter, it had been decided that the first-floor unit floors would be stained. Jordan sought out floor staining expertise to ensure quality work was produced and seamlessly transitioned that into the project. This change should have set the team back, but through creative scheduling, the team made up the time and still finished the job early.

The location of existing utilities meant the project team had to work around a water main. A FEMA flood control area with a drainage easement on the backside of the project had to be carefully avoided. The city of Fort Worth inspectors regularly visited the project site to ensure the FEMA area was not being touched or contaminated.

Crews conducted 182 safety audits at the Watervue jobsite, recording 119,000 safety observations. All potentially hazardous conditions were resolved prior to any incident, which contributed to the more than 203,000 accident-free project hours. By identifying and targeting leading incident indicators and identifying potential hazards, Jordan was able to prevent jobsite accidents and had zero recordable incidents.

Jordan Construction prequalified a number of subcontractors early, which allowed the team to finish the project four months before the scheduled completion date and on budget.

Key Players

Submitted by: Jordan Construction
Owner: Watercolor Partners LP, Fort Worth
General contractor: Jordan Construction, Dallas
Architect: Womack + Hampton Architects, Dallas
Structural engineer: Henkel Engineering Inc., Coppell
Civil engineer: Pate Engineering. Dallas
MEP engineer: Barsharkha Engineering, Dallas
Electrical contractor: Fox Electric Ltd., Arlington
HVAC/plumbing contractor: L & S Plumbing, Richardson
Concrete contractor: Advanced Concrete Surfaces, Dallas
Steel contractor: Pearson Mechanical Inc., Arlington