The Colorado Dept. of Transportation has officially kicked off the 2012 construction season in northwest and central Colorado. While there are many projects that started last year and were suspended for the winter, there are—and will—be many new projects getting started this summer.

“We will have a significant number of much-needed projects under way this summer in our region of the state,” said CDOT Region 3 Director David Eller. “Altogether, we will have more than 100 miles of highway under construction in dozens of projects totaling more than $100 million in contracts. We have worked diligently to secure funding for highway improvements that will not only create better travel experiences for motorists, but will also help improve our existing roadways, better facilitate travel throughout the state and make our highways safer.”

Here is a list of major construction projects that will be under way this summer and fall in CDOT’s Region 3 (Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Jackson, Lake, Mesa, Moffat, Montrose, Pitkin, Rio Blanco and Routt counties).

• U.S. 6 between Eagle and Wolcott—Five miles of shoulder widening/resurfacing, completion in August. The $2.1-million contract includes funding from Eagle County.

• S.H. 13 near Meeker in Rio Blanco County—Two miles of safety improvements/resurfacing, completion in November. $4.9 million.

• S.H. 14 Cameron Pass—One mile of slide repair work, completion this summer. $3.5 million.

• U.S. 24 north of Leadville—One mile of culvert replacement and shouldering, completion in October. Contract not yet awarded.

• U.S. 24 near California Gulch—One mile, including bridge replacements, completion in October. Contract not yet awarded.

• U.S. 40 Mount Harris Canyon—Seven miles, including rockfall mitigation, April through August. $982,000 contract.

• U.S. 40 near Hayden

• U.S. 50 Whitewater West & East—Resurfacing, late May through August, six miles from Whitewater west (MP 36 to 42.2) and spot resurfacing over an 18-mile area from Mesa County-Delta County line east toward Delta (MP 50 to 68).  $3.7 million.

• U.S. 50 Delta to Olathe and Montrose to Cerro Summit—Chip seal resurfacing, July through August. Seven miles near Olathe and eight miles near Montrose, $1.4 million.

• U.S. 50 West of Montrose—Five miles of slide repair, May through August 2012, 5 miles, $2.9 million.