Felsburg Holt & Ullevig of Centennial is a finalist in the American Council of Engineering Cos.� 45th Annual Engineering Excellence Awards competition for the 6th Avenue Waste Tire Noise Wall Project in Lakewood. FHU�s reuse of a waste product addressed the problem of limited landfill space and the demand for effective barriers to insulate neighborhoods from traffic noise.

Although several wall products with recycled-tire content are already in use across the country, these systems were deemed too large for the project site. The project team then turned to Tire-Tie, a recycled tire product mainly used for railroad applications.

By stacking the Tire-Tie units into vertical supports, FHU created a wall sufficiently narrow enough to be constructed on the site. Subsequent tests have proven that the new structure meets the Colorado Dept. of Transportation’s design, safety and noise abatement standards. The 6th Avenue Waste Tire Wall illustrates how sustainable engineering can improve the quality of local neighborhoods.

The project is among 161 engineering projects from throughout the nation recognized by ACEC as preeminent engineering achievements for 2010.  Judging for the Engineering Excellence Awards—known as the “Academy Awards of the engineering industry”—took place in February, conducted by a panel of more than 30 engineers, architects, government representatives, media members and academics. Criteria for awards include uniqueness and originality, technical, social and economic value, complexity and success of the projects in meeting goals.

All winners, including 16 Honor Awards, eight Grand Awards and the “Grand Conceptor Award” for best overall engineering achievement, will be recognized at the Engineering Excellence Awards Gala, to be held April 1 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C.